Lipogaine for Men review.

What is Lipogaine and how does it work?

lipogaine-for-men-hair-loss-treatmentIf you are looking for a complete solution for your loss problem, Lipogaine for Men can be a great product choice for you. This tropical hair loss solution combines ingredients that can either block DHT hormone or stimulate growth so users can have far better success rate with this treatment. Quite commonly hair loss treatments only do one of these mentioned things and due to this results differ a lot. However with Lipogaine treatment you can combat hair loss in two ways and most importantly without spending a fortune on it.

What ingredients are included?

The list of components found in Lipogaine consists of some of the most recognized ingredients that work for hair loss. The formulation includes Minoxidil, a few DHT hormone inhibitors and also ingredients that can provide all the necessary nutrients for healthy scalp. A full list of Lipogaine for Men ingredients and how they can be benedificial for hair loss can be found bellow.

  • Minoxidil (5%) is an ingredient that is proven in many clinical trials to work for stimulating new hair growth. You can find it in many hair loss products in either 2% or 5% concentrations. According to a few studies higher dosage of Minoxidil provides far better results than 2%.
  • Azetinol is effective component for reducing thinning, since it contains Vitamin A, fatty acids and etc.
  • Saw palmetto extract is one of the most effective DHT hormone blockers and for this reason this extract is found in many successful hair loss treatments.
  • Beta-sitosterol also works as DHT blocker in Lipogaine. Also it is worthwhile to mention that in studies this ingredient showed better results when use in combination with Saw Palmetto.
  • Oleic acid has anti-inflammatory features and can also help to lower DHT levels in the body.
  • Linolenic acid is a fatty acid (omega 6) that is essential for proper hair growth.
  • Biotin is type of Vitamin B, which is essential for healthy and strong hair.
  • Niacin works by stimulating blood flow to areas of scalp that are affected by hair loss.
  • Vitamins B12 and B6 are both beneficial for hair growth since they can enchase blood flow to your scalp.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Works by lowering DHT levels, improving hair follicles condition and stimulating growth;
  • Lipogaine contains Minoxidil (5%), which is proven ingredient to be effective for hair growth;
  • Consumer testimonials of Lipogaine are quite positive, which proves that this formulation works for most men;
  • Lipogaine products comes with money back guarantee (30 days);
  • Very reasonably priced and monthly treatment can be bought for as little as ~$25.

Are there any Side Effects?

While ingredients included in Lipogaine for Men are considered to be safe and doesn’t cause side effects when used in recommended dosages, there is a small risk that you might experience side effects while using this product. Usually these side effects happen only for small number of people who are more sensitive or have allergic reaction to one of the components. Potential side effects of this tropical solution might be rashes, itchiness of scalp, redness and swelling. If you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above you should stop using Lipogaine and consult with your doctor.

What do consumer reviews say?

It can be said that reviews of Lipogaine that you can find online are quite positive and most users noticed either less of hair falling or even some growth. However just like with any hair loss treatment you can find some consumer reviews stating that it is not working for them. It is quite a normal thing and if you tried hair loss treatments before you should probably already know that there is simply no product that would work with 100% success rate. Read a few reviews of actual users of Lipogaine for Men bellow.


For more reviews of Lipogaine for Men visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use it.

While in general Lipogaine is considered a safe treatment for hair loss, the manufacturer of this product suggest to do a quick test before using it in recommended dosages. This way you will be sure that you do not have sensitivity or allergic reaction to any of the ingredients in formulation. To do this test you should put a few drops of a solution on the back of your elbow joint. If you do not notice redness or other negative symptoms you should start using Lipogaine according to recommendations. The solution should be applied twice daily on the area that has either lost hair or is thinning by using a dropper. After you put a few drops of the solution on your scalp start massaging the area until it is totally absorbed and also don’t forget to wash your hands afterwards. It is advised not to exceed a dosage higher than 1 ml per each use.

Where to buy Lipogaine for Men and what is the Price?


If you are interested in trying Lipogaine for Men you can buy this product on popular online sites like Amazon and EBay. Usually the price is a bit lower on Amazon so it is better to buy it from there. Currently the price of this hair loss treatment is ~$25 for one bottle on Amazon; however since it is a sale price it might increase soon. Also you might consider getting at least three bottle package and save some money since Lipogaine can give better results when used for at least a couple of months.

Find Lipogaine for Men on Amazon.

Rogaine for Men review.

What you should know about Rogaine for Men.

Rogaine for Men comes in a two different forms – a topical solution and foam. Both of these products contain Minoxidil solution in a concentration of 5%. The only difference between these products is that they are applied a bit different on the scalp. Foam is applied by massaging it to the scalp while a topical solution is applied using an applicator. Also according to manufacturer and some user reviews it can be said that Rogaine foam has a bit less chance of causing side effects. It is important to point out that Minoxidil (5%), which is included in both of these products, is one of a few FDA approved ingredients for treating hair loss. While it is considered as one of the most effective ingredients for this condition it is important to understand that Minoxidil doesn’t work 100% for all users. Since Rogaine for Men only include Minoxidil ingredient in formulation it also has a bit limited success rate. According to manufacturer of this product most men should notice results of new hair growing within 4 months of using Rogaine. One of the things to be aware of before starting to use this hair loss product is that it requires continues use. So if you will stop applying Rogaine solution your new grown hair will start falling again. So it is only worthwhile to consider trying this product if you are planning to use it consistently for at least a couple of years.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Rogaine-foam-for-menIncludes Minoxidil (5%) ingredient in formulation, which in clinical trials was proven to work well on hair regrowth for most men;
  • Produced by a reputable company, which offers its products for many years already;
  • Since this product is already around for many years there many consumer reviews that confirms Rogaine effectiveness. However it is important to point out that it doesn’t work for 100% users and even a company that produces this hair loss product clearly states that it might not work for 15%-20% of users; So before considering this product you should be aware about success rate of this product;
  • Works reasonably quickly and new hair growth is usually visible within ~4 months of usage;
  • Very reasonably priced since one month of Rogaine treatment will cost you only ~$10.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

Before considering using Rogaine for hair loss it is important to know that this product is not for everyone. For some users it can cause side effects like dryness, irritation and itching of scalp. In case you experience these side effects it might be a good idea to consider switching to foam, since it has a lower risk of causing these negative effects than compared to topical solution. Also it is possible that some users might experience growth of facial hair; however this effect is only short term and it disappears within short time or after you stop using a solution.

One of the side effects that most users experience after using Rogaine is increased shedding in the first weeks. While some people might start to panic when this happens it is actually a good sign. This is because it actually means that this product started to work for you and that the new hair cycle is starting. All this shedding is necessary since your new hair need a space to grow.

According to the label of Rogaine it is not recommended to use this product for men who do not have a family history of hair loss, since it will probably not work for you. The same applies to hair loss that happed very fast. Also Rogaine for Men can’t be used in combination with other products that are applied directly on the scalp.

What do consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time searching for user testimonials of Rogaine for Men you will find both positive and negative ones. However there is clearly more positive feedback than negative and for this reason it’s one of the most popular hair loss treatment for men. Read a few actual user reviews of Rogaine for Men bellow.


For more reviews of Rogaine for Men visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use Rogaine Foam for Men.

Where to buy Rogaine for Men and what is the Price?

buy-Rogaine-for-MenIf you are interested in buying Rogaine for men you can find this product available on many popular online websites. The list includes sites like Amazon, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and others. Since usually the best price for Rogaine is available on Amazon we suggest buying it from this website. The price of this hair loss product depends whether you will choose to buy a foam or topical solution. At the moment three month supply of Rogaine foam is priced at ~$38 and topical solution at ~$30.

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Revivogen review.

What is Revivogen and how does it work?

Revivogen-Scalp-TherapyRevivogen is quite a popular brand offering products for both men and women who are affected by hair loss. Since formula of Scalp Therapy mostly consists of DHT blockers it works best for people who are losing hair due to Androgenic Alopecia (Male Pattern Baldness). According to manufacturer of this product users should start noticing less hair loss and thicker hair within two or three months of usage. Within three or six months of usage your hair will become significantly thicker and your scalp will look fuller. For maximum results Revivogen should be used for up to 18 months and then users can lower the usage to only once per week in order to keep achieved results. In order to better understand how Scalp Therapy works it worthwhile to look at the ingredients included in this treatment, which are listed below.

Ingredients included in Revivogen Scalp Therapy.

  • Vitamin B6. This vitamin is essential for people who want to improve the health of their hair. The reason why Vitamin B6 is beneficial for this condition is because it can help to keep the balance of hormones stable. According to a few studies this vitamin in combination with Azelaic Acid and zinc can prevent ~90% of damage done by DHT to hair follicles.
  • Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) – is an omega 6 fatty acid that is mostly found in plants and it is beneficial for keeping hair, nails and skin healthy. Since this particular fatty acid is quite difficult to get from diet the easiest way to get it is by taking supplements. Also some studies suggest that GLA is effective at decreasing DHT levels, so it can help to prevent hair loss.
  • Zinc. Deficiencies of this component are commonly associated with hair loss in some individuals. This mineral is essential for many functions in the body such as keeping balance of hormones, building new cells and improving body’s ability to absorb other nutrients. However it is worthwhile to mention that too much of Zinc is not good for hair since it might cause hair loss by increasing DHT levels.
  • Alpha linolenic acid (ALA) is an omega-3 fatty acid that is found in foods like nuts, seeds and vegetable oils. According to studies this ingredient is also effective at lowering DHT levels.
  • Saw Palmetto extract is one of the most common ingredients in hair loss products due to its ability to block DHT.
  • Azelaic acid is also a DHT blocker and some studies suggest that it improves effectiveness of zinc when these components are used together.
  • Oleic acid is a fatty acid (omega 9), which is found in foods like Avocado, Almonds, Sesame and Sunflower oils and etc. Just like GLA and ALA ingredients in Revivogen solution, this ingredient is thought to be able to inhibit 5-alpha reductase.
  • Beta-sitosterol. Some studies suggest that this ingredient is effective in stopping testosterone from converting to DHT. Other uses of this ingredient are for lowering blood sugar levels.
  • Procyanidin oligomers contain high levels of antioxidants therefore it might be beneficial for this condition.

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • Most of the ingredients in this product are backed by clinical trials to be effective in blocking DHT so as a whole product should work well for most individuals;
  • This topical product is made by a trusted company, which is around for more than 10 years;
  • Revivogen Scalp Therapy can be used by both men and women;
  • This solution requires only one application per day so it will not take you much time daily. Watch a short video at the end of the review to see how easy it is to apply Revivogen.
  • Quite reasonably priced since one month of treatment will cost you ~$30.

Main Cons:

  • Users testimonials about this topical solution are very mixed; It can be said that some other products reviewed in this website have a bit better feedback from consumers;
  • Requires up to 18 months of usage for complete results and even ~2-3 months to see improvement. However this is just an average estimation and depending on your hair and scalp condition you might notice improvement quicker.

Are there any Side Effects?

One of the side effects that some users might experience in the beginning of the treatment is increased shedding of hair. However this is not something you should be worried too much about that, since it actually means that Revivogen started to work. This is because when it starts working it will activate new growth cycle of your hair and the hair that is in transition phase might fall out.

According to manufacturer of Revivogen this product doesn’t cause any side effects if used according to directions. However just like with any topical hair loss product it is possible that some people might experience itching and redness of scalp.

What do consumer reviews say?

The consumer reviews of Revivogen that you can find online are very mixed. Some users complain that it either didn’t work or that the solution has a very bad smell. However other consumers are happy with this product and they notice either less hair falling or even some growth. Due to this it can be said that results of this product vary a lot per individual. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Revivogen below.


For more reviews of Revivogen visit Amazon page here.

Directions on how to use Revivogen.

Watch a short video explaining how to use this product correctly.

Where to buy Revivogen and what is the Price?

Buy-RevivogenYou can buy this product online on official website and popular websites like Amazon, Drugstore and etc. The price of Revivogen Scalp Therapy depends on which package you will choose to buy. The main basic package includes three bottles of topic solution and it is priced at ~$99. It is enough to use it for three months so basically one month of treatment will cost you about ~$30. There is also an option to choose more advanced packages containing shampoo; however they are a bit more expensive.

Find Revivogen on Amazon.

Rogaine for Women review.

What you should know about Rogaine for Women.

Rogaine for women is one of the most popular brands for hair loss since it includes Minoxidil – FDA approved ingredient for hair loss. Unlike Rogaine for Men, the product for women includes Minoxidil in concentration of 2% rather than 5%. It is worthwhile to mention that concentration of 2% was chosen in order to avoid additional hair growth on other parts of the body.

Does it actually work?

Rogaine-for-womenRogaine for women solution definitely works for some women, but it is important to mention that it might not work for all. This solution has a better chance of working for women those hair loss is recent (less than 5 years) and hair loss is associated with heredity. Also it has a better chance to work in cases when hair loss happens on small parts of the scalp.

According to the study that was done in order to investigate Minoxidil (2%) effectiveness for women, 60% of participants noticed new hair growing after using it. However it is worthwhile to mention that only 20% of these women had more significant growth while others only had small growth.

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

Main Pros:

  • Rogaine for Women includes Minoxidil (2%), which is proven to work ingredient for hair growth in many clinical trials;
  • Most user reviews of Rogaine confirm that it actually helped them to regrow new hair;
  • Quite a cheap hair regrowth solution, since you can buy one month supply for lower than $17;

Main Cons:

  • Requires continued use since once the treatment is stopped your new grown hair will probably start falling again. According to Minoxidil research it might start happening within one or two months after you stop using it;
  • Rogaine is quite a limited hair loss solution since it only promotes new hair growth, but doesn’t stop them from falling. So you would need to use some additional products or supplements;
  • The formulation of this product is very limited and it doesn’t decrease DHT levels in the body;

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

Before considering trying this hair loss solution there are a few things to know. First of all, Rogaine shouldn’t be used by women those hair loss is associated with pregnancy & childbirth or the hair loss was very sudden. This is because it usually only works for women those hair loss is associated with heredity. So in case you don’t have anyone in your family with this problem there is less chance that this hair growth solution will work for you. Second of all, there is also one warning on the label suggesting not to use this product for people who have heart problems without consulting with a doctor. Also this hair growth solution shouldn’t be applied on scalp that is either red or irritated.

What do consumer reviews say?

In order to better understand what results to expect from this hair loss treatment it is worthwhile to look at actual consumer testimonials. The reviews of Rogaine for Women that you can find online are mostly positive. Most users of this hair loss product confirm that it helped them to regrow hair. Nevertheless there are also some users who claim that it didn’t work for them, but it is quite normal thing considering Minoxidil clinical trial results. Read a couple of reviews of actual users of Rogaine for women bellow.


For more reviews of Rogaine for Women visit Amazon page here.

Where to buy Rogaine for Women and what is the Price?

buy-Rogaine-for-womenYou can buy Rogaine for Women treatment on the official website online or on popular websites like Amazon, EBay and etc. Currently the price for three month supply is about ~$38 so basically one month of Rogaine usage would cost you on average ~$13.

Click here to find Rogaine for Women on Amazon.

Rogaine vs Provillus for Women.

When we compare Rogaine and Provillus for Women it can be said that these treatments are quite similar, but they are also different at the same time. The main advantage of Rogaine is that it is almost two times cheaper. However there is a reason behind that since Provillus offers two products (supplement and tropical solution) while Rogaine only offers one product. Both of these hair loss treatments offers a spray that contains Minoxidil (2%) so they should work equally well on promoting new hair growth. In addition to tropical solution Provillus also offers a supplement, which is aimed at stopping hair loss and making your hair healthier by proving you with all the necessary nutrients. So to conclude this it can be said that if you are willing to spend a little more and are looking for a complete hair loss system Provillus is definitely a better choice.