Foods That Might Cause Hair Loss.

While usually the main cause of hair loss in both men and women is related to heredity, other factors like diet can also be partly responsible for this condition. When it comes to diet there are quite a lot of minerals that are essential for healthy hair such as protein, zinc, magnesium and etc. So in case you don’t get enough of them from your diet this can result in your hair shedding since your body will not be able to build enough of healthy hair follicles. Also since one possible reason for hair loss is rapid weight loss, people who follow strict diets can also experience hair loss due to this. The same way as not following a healthy and balanced diet can cause hair loss so does eating too much of certain foods. Most sources suggest that eating too much of processed, refined sugar and high glycemic-index foods might have a negative effect on hair.

One of the main reasons why it is recommended to avoid foods with high glycemic index is because it creates too much insulin. Having surplus of insulin in the body is known to have a negative effect on hair. So for instance if you are currently suffering from hair loss it might be a good idea to limit foods in your diet that have a high glycemic index. Some of the foods that are known to have a high glycemic-index are honey, bananas, carrots, potatoes, all white flour products, rice and corn products, beer, pasta and etc.

alcohol-hair-lossEven though there are no specific studies that would directly link alcohol consumption with hair loss, many sources suggest using it in moderation in case you are suffering from this condition. The main reason why it is important to drink alcohol only in moderation is because excessive consumption might lead to higher levels of estrogen. As it is quite well-known high levels of this hormone is associated with hair loss. Furthermore drinking alcohol often might lower zinc and Vitamin B & C levels in your body. All these mentioned minerals and vitamins are essential for keeping your hair healthy and in good condition. So even though there are no studies that would directly link alcohol consumption with hair loss it is quite obvious why it is a good idea to use it in moderate amounts. It is worthwhile to mention that the same suggestion also applies to usage of tobacco products. Not only tobacco is dangerous for general health, but smoking can also have a negative effect on your hair too.

hair-loss-coffeeIn case you are a heavy drinker of coffee you should know that it might have either positive or negative effect on hair. The main reason why it might have a negative effect on hair is because drinking it constantly uses up minerals and vitamins that you get from your diet. To be more specific this drink reduces absorption of B type vitamins and minerals like calcium and iron. All these mentioned minerals and vitamins are necessary to keep your hair healthy and strong so it is quite obvious why excessive coffee consumption might have a negative effect on hair. As it was mentioned previously coffee (caffeine) can also help to prevent hair shedding for some people, which is confirmed by a few studies. One study showed that caffeine was able to protect hair follicles from the effect of testosterone, which in turn lead to hair growth. While results of this and other studies are quite promising it is important to mention that drinking a few cups of coffee wouldn’t have much positive effect on your hair. This is because there is a limited amount of caffeine in each cup of coffee and is also distributed not only to your hair, but throughout the whole body.

Even though the main topic of this article was what foods to avoid it is actually more important to pay attention to what foods to eat in order to minimize hair loss. This is true because there are more studies available confirming that deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins are associated with this condition and there are no studies that would directly link consumption of a certain food with hair loss. So it can be said that it might be definitely useful to consider limiting a few foods from your diet, but it is not necessary to completely avoid foods that you love to eat since it will most likely have a small or no effect on your hair. Read this article on what foods to eat in order to avoid hair loss to find out more.