Phytoworx review.

About Phytoworx Hair Supplement and Shampoo.

One of the products offered by Phytoworx is a supplement that is aimed at stopping hair loss and stimulating new hair growth. Ingredients in this supplement can help to block DHT hormone and provide proper nutritional support for healthy hair.

Phytoworx-organic-shampooIt is also worthwhile to mention that Phytoworx offers additional product – shampoo, which is also aimed at fighting hair loss. This shampoo combines Essential Oils (Rosemary, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus and etc.) and Stem Cells that are known to be effective in reducing hair loss. For the best effect it recommended to use both of Phytoworx products in combination; however if you are short on a budget you can definitely get good results too by only using one of these solutions.

What ingredients are included?


The formulation of Phytoworx consists of many different ingredients. These components can be divided into two main groups – vitamins & minerals as well as proprietary blend of herbs & plants. When it comes to the first mentioned group, it can be said that this supplement contains almost every vitamin or mineral those deficiency can be responsible for hair loss. So if your hair loss is a consequence of deficiency of vitamins or minerals, you can greatly benefit by taking a supplement like Phytoworx. Another group of ingredients in this supplement address other possible causes of hair loss – high DHT levels and poor blood circulation to the scalp. Bellow you can find a list of some of the most important ingredients of Phytoworx and why they are beneficial for this condition.

  • Grape Seed Extract. This extract is known to be effective in minimizing DHT hormone in follicles of hair. In addition to that Grape Seed Extract is rich in fatty acids and Vitamin E, which are both advantageous for hair health. It is also worthwhile to mention that this ingredient has antioxidant properties that are beneficial for general body health and hair.

  • Saw Palmetto Berry Extract. Even though research on Saw Palmetto is still quite limited, this ingredient is a very popular component in many hair loss products since it is thought to be effective in inhibiting DHT production.

  • Pumpkin Seed Powder. These seeds are known to be effective in inhibiting DHT hormone production, which in turn can help to avoid hair loss.

  • Gotu Kola Powder. Results of a few studies on animals suggest that Gotu Kola can help to make hair thicker and increase growth.

  • Ginkgo Biloba Leaf Extract. There are a couple of studies available those results suggest that this extract can be effective for stimulating hair growth. One of the benefits of Ginkgo Biloba Leaf is that this extract can enhance blood circulation, which very advantageous for hair follicles.

  • Kelp. This seaweed is a rich source of a couple of nutrients (L-Lysine and Iron) that are known to be essential for healthy hair. Deficiency of Iron and L-Lysine will negatively affect your hair and it can even result in hair loss.

  • L-Lysine Hydrochloride. This amino acid aids in production of keratin and it can also help to boost blood circulation to scalp, which in turn will allow for hair follicles to get more nutrients.

  • Nettle Leaf Powder. This powder is a common ingredient in hair care products since it can help to make hair thicker and also enhance growth of hair. In addition to that Nettle Leaf Powder can help to treat scalp related conditions like dandruff.

  • L-Proline. This ingredient can help to boost production of collagen. Higher levels of Collagen in the body can increase blood circulation and help to fight free radical damage. Both of these mentioned effects are advantageous hair health.

  • Bioflavanoids can provide you with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are both advantageous for hair health.

  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane. There are a couple of studies available those results suggest that MSM can be beneficial for hair growth. It is thought that this mineral can help to avoid hair loss and increase growth, because it enhances blood circulation and it also has anti-inflammatory properties.

What do consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time reading consumer reviews of Phytoworx supplement, you will find mostly positive testimonials. Users of this supplement report that they noticed benefits like less shedding, thicker and shinier hair after taking this supplement for a couple of weeks. Some users who take Phytoworx for a couple of months even report enhanced overall growth of hair or new hair growth in areas that were balding. One of the most common complains that you will find about Phytoworx is that it is very expensive supplement for hair and if you would use both products in combination (supplement and shampoo) that is even more expensive. Read a few actual user reviews of Phytoworx Hair supplement bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Phytoworx Hair Recovery and Regrowth Supplement, visit Amazon page here.

What are the Main Pros and Cons?

The Main Pros:

  • Phytoworx supplement contains many and well selected ingredients for hair loss. Due to this most users will definitely get good results with this solution;
  • Since this supplement combines many different components in formulation, it is able to address different possible causes of hair loss including DHT hormone, insufficiency of essential minerals and vitamins for healthy hair, poor blood circulation to scalp and etc. Due to this Phytoworx is able to provide positive results for most users;
  • Based on manufacturer provided information and some user testimonials, it can be said that Phytoworx works reasonably fast and you can expect to get first noticeable results within 1 month time;
  • The effectiveness of this hair supplement is confirmed by many consumer testimonials online, which only proves that Phytoworx works with high success rate;
  • Side effects are not something that you should be concerned about if you want to try one of Phytoworx products. This is because formulation of these hair solutions doesn’t have any harmful ingredients and also users of these products don’t mention any negative effects too.

The Main Cons:

  • The price of this supplement is very high (~$90 for one month supply). Similar products are usually priced two or even three times less, so it can be said that Phytoworx is not the most cost-efficient solution for hair loss;
  • This hair loss solution doesn’t seem to be backed up by money back guarantee or at least seller of Phytoworx doesn’t mention anything about that.
  • There is not much information available about manufacturer of these hair loss products, although the label states that it is made in the USA;

Where to buy Phytoworx and what is the Price?

buy-PhytoworxIf you have already made a decision to try one of Phytoworx products for hair loss (supplement or shampoo) you can buy them from a couple of websites online. Some good choices for that might be Amazon and EBay, since they offer both of these mentioned products. At the moment the price for Phytoworx supplement is $89.99 and you can get shampoo for additional $79.99 on Amazon. Usually there is a small discount available on these hair solutions so you can expect to reduce the price by 5%-25%.

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