Provillus review.

What is Provillus and how does it work?

Provillus-for-men-and-womenProvillus is a two type treatment that consists of a daily supplement and a tropical solution. A supplement in a form of pill is formulated so that it would provide your body with all the needed minerals, nutrients and vitamins that are crucial for healthy hair. Tropical gel contains Minoxidil (5%), which is FDA approved ingredient for treating Male Pattern Baldness. Due to the fact that Provillus works from both inside and outside, this makes it one of the most effective hair loss treatments. Since hair loss in men and women are caused by different reasons Provillus offers individual products with different formulation for both of them.

As it was mentioned before Provillus works in two ways. First of all, a supplement works from the inside to provide your hair with essential nutrients and vitamins that will help to stop your hair from thinning and falling. One of the most important ingredients in a supplement is Saw Palmetto (men formula), which is known to be effective for blocking DHT. These hormones cause hair follicles to shrink and as a consequence hair starts thinning and falling. Second of all, a topical solution that contains Minoxidil works from the outside to promote new hair growth.

What ingredients are included?

  • Provillus-ingredients-for-menVitamin B6 (4 mg). The reason this vitamin is essential for hair is because it helps to increase hemoglobin in our bodies. As a consequence hair follicles are able to get more oxygen, which in turn leads to stronger and healthier hair.
  • Biotin (40 mcg). This vitamin is beneficial for hair since it helps to increase keratin (protein that makes up hair).
  • Magnesium (56 milligrams). Deficiencies of magnesium in our bodies are commonly linked to hair loss.
  • Zinc (12 mg). This ingredients deficiency is linked to hair loss in some individuals. Consequently making sure you get enough zinc will help you to control hormone levels, promote healthy cells and absorb other nutrients better.
  • Saw Palmetto (1000 milligrams). This ingredient is thought to be able to block testosterone from converting to another hormone – DHT. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is one of the primary causes for Male Pattern Baldness.

Ingredients included in Tropical solution:

  • Minoxidil (5%);
  • Para-aminobenzoic acid.

Please note that ingredients and dosages included in a daily supplement for women are a bit different. The main difference is that instead of Saw Palmetto (Provillus for Men), Horsetail Silica is included in Provillus for Women. This ingredient is beneficial for hair since it can help to reduce split ends & dandruff, promote new hair growth and make them stronger. You can find a more detailed review and ingredients included in Provillus for women in this article.

Are there any Side Effects?

Side effects related to usage of Provillus hair loss treatment are rare. This is because both a supplement and tropical solution is formulated from natural ingredients and herbs without any dangerous chemicals. Even though it is safe to use for most individuals it is important to mention that hypersensitive people might experience side effects such as dizziness, minor headache, flaking or itching of scalp. Also it is important to carefully analyze all components included in Provillus and make sure you don’t have allergies or sensitivity to any of them. In case you have it might a better idea to consider other available treatments.

Is Provillus the right Hair Loss Treatment for you?

Before you consider buying Provillus it is important to understand that most hair loss treatments require time to work properly. This is easy to understand since it takes time for hair to grow. According to manufacturer and people reviews first result after using Provillus are seen within about two months. How long it will take for you to work usually depends on condition of your scalp, hair follicles and reasons of hair loss. It most cases it will take less time to work for people who start treatment just after they notice hair falling and don’t wait until a lot of hair is already gone. It is important to point out that Provillus requires permanent use and you can’t expect good results by using it once or twice a week. Also even though Provillus has proven to work for most individuals it might happen that it would not work for you. This is quite normal for any type of product since it’s hard to find a treatment that would work for all people. However you shouldn’t worry too much about this, since manufacturer offer money back guarantee for its costumers so it’s definitely worth a try.

How to use Provillus?

According to the label of this product tropical gel should be applied on your scalp two times per day when your hair is dry. For the best results it is recommended to use it one time in the morning and in the evening. After applying tropical solution on affected areas on your scalp it is important to wash your hands so that it wouldn’t get on other areas of your body. As for the supplement one pill should be also taken in the morning and in the evening. It is important to follow instructions provided on the label and not overuse a treatment since it will not increase the effectiveness and even might cause some side effects.

Where to buy Provillus treatment?

Unfortunately Provillus is not available for purchase in local stores and the only way to buy an original product is to order it from official website online. When you buy it from official website you are also entitled to 90 days money back guarantee from a manufacturer. At the moment there are 4 offers available and also huge discounts for those who buy Provillus supply for multiple months.


  • 1 month supply costs $39.95;
  • 2 month supply – $69.95 ($34.98 for 1 package);
  • 4 month supply is priced at $119.95, which brings down the price per package to ~$30;
  • And you can buy 6 month supply for $159.95 (just ~$26 per month).

So as you can see multiple bottle packages are definitely worth consideration, due to huge savings. Since hair loss treatments take at least a few months to work it is definitely worth considering buying at least a few month supply.

Visit official Provillus page and find out more about this product.