Rogaine for Men review.

What you should know about Rogaine for Men.

Rogaine for Men comes in a two different forms – a topical solution and foam. Both of these products contain Minoxidil solution in a concentration of 5%. The only difference between these products is that they are applied a bit different on the scalp. Foam is applied by massaging it to the scalp while a topical solution is applied using an applicator. Also according to manufacturer and some user reviews it can be said that Rogaine foam has a bit less chance of causing side effects. It is important to point out that Minoxidil (5%), which is included in both of these products, is one of a few FDA approved ingredients for treating hair loss. While it is considered as one of the most effective ingredients for this condition it is important to understand that Minoxidil doesn’t work 100% for all users. Since Rogaine for Men only include Minoxidil ingredient in formulation it also has a bit limited success rate. According to manufacturer of this product most men should notice results of new hair growing within 4 months of using Rogaine. One of the things to be aware of before starting to use this hair loss product is that it requires continues use. So if you will stop applying Rogaine solution your new grown hair will start falling again. So it is only worthwhile to consider trying this product if you are planning to use it consistently for at least a couple of years.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Rogaine-foam-for-menIncludes Minoxidil (5%) ingredient in formulation, which in clinical trials was proven to work well on hair regrowth for most men;
  • Produced by a reputable company, which offers its products for many years already;
  • Since this product is already around for many years there many consumer reviews that confirms Rogaine effectiveness. However it is important to point out that it doesn’t work for 100% users and even a company that produces this hair loss product clearly states that it might not work for 15%-20% of users; So before considering this product you should be aware about success rate of this product;
  • Works reasonably quickly and new hair growth is usually visible within ~4 months of usage;
  • Very reasonably priced since one month of Rogaine treatment will cost you only ~$10.

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

Before considering using Rogaine for hair loss it is important to know that this product is not for everyone. For some users it can cause side effects like dryness, irritation and itching of scalp. In case you experience these side effects it might be a good idea to consider switching to foam, since it has a lower risk of causing these negative effects than compared to topical solution. Also it is possible that some users might experience growth of facial hair; however this effect is only short term and it disappears within short time or after you stop using a solution.

One of the side effects that most users experience after using Rogaine is increased shedding in the first weeks. While some people might start to panic when this happens it is actually a good sign. This is because it actually means that this product started to work for you and that the new hair cycle is starting. All this shedding is necessary since your new hair need a space to grow.

According to the label of Rogaine it is not recommended to use this product for men who do not have a family history of hair loss, since it will probably not work for you. The same applies to hair loss that happed very fast. Also Rogaine for Men can’t be used in combination with other products that are applied directly on the scalp.

What do consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time searching for user testimonials of Rogaine for Men you will find both positive and negative ones. However there is clearly more positive feedback than negative and for this reason it’s one of the most popular hair loss treatment for men. Read a few actual user reviews of Rogaine for Men bellow.


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Directions on how to use Rogaine Foam for Men.

Where to buy Rogaine for Men and what is the Price?

buy-Rogaine-for-MenIf you are interested in buying Rogaine for men you can find this product available on many popular online websites. The list includes sites like Amazon, Walgreens, Target, Walmart and others. Since usually the best price for Rogaine is available on Amazon we suggest buying it from this website. The price of this hair loss product depends whether you will choose to buy a foam or topical solution. At the moment three month supply of Rogaine foam is priced at ~$38 and topical solution at ~$30.

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