Ways to Prevent Hair Loss.

The first way to prevent hair loss naturally is to try some home remedies. When it comes to stopping hair loss there are quite a lot of remedies that you can try at the comfort of your home. Some of the most popular ones include using juices to rub your hair. You should choose fresh and natural juices like ginger, onion or garlic. Other popular remedy is usage green tea to rub your hair. Since green tea contains antioxidants it is good for both preventing hair loss and promoting growth. Another popular natural remedy to mention is the usage of Aloe Vera gel. It works by balancing pH levels of the scalp, improving hydration and moisturizing your hair. One more component to mention that can be used as a home remedy is Coconut milk or oil. Read this article on natural home remedies for hair loss in order to find out how to use these ingredients for the best effect.

saw-palmettoThe other way that can help to stop hair loss is to try some over the counter treatments. There are a quite a lot of supplements and sprays available that contain the most beneficial herbs, vitamins and minerals that can greatly reduce hair loss. They work by blocking DHT levels, promoting scalp and hair follicles health, which can not only stop hair loss, but also stimulate growth. Some of the most popular OTC products are Provillus and Har Vokse, which are both rated quite well by users. However it is important to mention that they are not some overnight treatments and consumers need to spend at least a few months using them regularly in order to see more noticeable effects. You could also start taking saw palmetto supplement. It is considered as one of the most effective herbs that work by blocking DHT levels and enchasing hair health. It is possible to buy it for less than twenty dollars in local stores or online. Another component that is proven to work well on preventing hair loss is minoxidil. It can be found in many products that are aimed at preventing hair loss, so always look for it in formulation.

The next quite helpful tip to follow in order to prevent hair loss naturally is to change your diet. You should start eating more foods that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, biotin, silica, protein, magnesium and Vitamins A, E, and B. Some good examples of foods that can help to prevent hair loss are salmon, spinach, carrots, eggs, walnuts, sweet potatoes, pumpkin seeds and shrimp. While some foods are beneficial for improving hair health, there are also some foods that should be eaten less. It best to avoid eating too much junk food, soy protein shakes, meals that contain high levels of saturated fat and foods that are high in regular salt.

Head massages are also beneficial for people who experience hair loss. At least a few massages weekly can greatly enchase blood circulation to your scalp, which in turn will make your follicles more active. To get even better results from this method you should use it in combination with some oils. Take a few drops of natural oil and spend a few minutes massaging it to your scalp. Then you can leave it like this for an hour and after that wash your head with a shampoo. While there are quite a lot of oils that can be used for massage it is best to use the ones that are also beneficial for hair loss. Some of the best choices might be coconut, lavender, rosemary and thyme oils.

vitamins-to-prevent-hair-lossGetting more vitamins can be another way that can greatly reduce your hair loss. Some of the vitamins that are needed for healthy hair are A, B and E. Vitamin A is needed because it increases the production of sebum and also it contains antioxidants. All these properties are beneficial for scalp and hair. Some of the B Vitamins helps to promote the melanin, which stimulates blood flow to scalp and also it will make your hair look healthier too. Vitamin E is also advantageous for keeping good circulation in your scalp so your hair follicles will become more active. If you want to get more of these mentioned vitamins add more foods to your diet that contains them or simply start taking some supplements.

Depending on the cause of your hair loss stress might be also one of the reasons why you are losing hair. If you think that this might be your case you should consider taking some actions to reduce stress. Some of the best ways how you can lower stress is to make sure that you are getting enough sleep on a daily bases. Other good ways can be to have a body massage, start doing yoga or any other hobby that encourages physical activity.